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As a Transgender activist with a wide range of knowledge and personal experience dealing with injustice and discrimination, I offer consultancy on how to better create policies and inclusive campaigns that serve to dismantle these negative connotations. 

Although the delivery may be different the core of my consultancy is the following:

  • I ensure that they connect to the community in an authentic manner showcasing that they care about inclusivity rather than tokenism

  • I make sure that the client is using up to date language/terminology and often double-check documents if required 

  • I offer suggestions for safeguarding measures to best protect members of my community 

  • I provide options for ways to give back to the community through donating to grass-root projects or charities often offering introductions 

I've worked with the following powerhouses... 

HM Government

The central government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Topic: Body positivity/image 

I attended the House Of Parliament alongside the most highly profiled influencers, bloggers and campaigners of our time to talk to the Government Equalities Office about body image, the current reality and how to create real change in the way people feel about themselves.


The biggest social media platform in the world with a massive 1 billion active users monthly. This company is also umbrellaed with Facebook and WhatsApp.


Topic: Dead-naming and misgendering

After realising that transgender and non-binary individuals need better protection against hate crimes on their platform, Instagram decided to enquire about putting a policy in place to prevent dead-name and misgendering. This process required input from multiple resources and as a key figure in the LGBTQ+ community, I was asked to talk about my experience navigating this issue on their platform and ways in which I believed they could better protect people like myself.

My other clients include; Purpose 


I also offer a more indirect consultancy in the form of internal presentations and an open Q&A session which often contributes to change of company policies.


Is the UK government-approved regularity and competition authority for broadcasting, telecommunications and postal industries of the United Kingdom.


Topic: Visibility of trans people in the media 

I gave a presentation about my journey as a trans man but my main focus was to educate them on my experience with being a key person in the media. We discussed the following; Good representation examples and what content can be dehumanising and damaging to the community.

My other clients include; The communication store and First Mile.

If you'd like me to contribute to your organisation please email me at:

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